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We vividly remember the discussions that resulted in the birth of Funhouse Preparatory School more than 4 years ago. Minna being a small community was sadly lacking what we felt we had the capacity to offer. We wanted an environment where learning was always going to be a fun adventure.

Our vision for Funhouse was for a school that put fun learning at the centre of all its activities, we also wanted one that recognised and valued the uniqueness of each child and encouraged this individuality. We fervently believe that children should be allowed to learn and develop without hot housing.

Our mission, we believe is to constantly strive to find ways of teasing out the strengths of each child. We have adapted a ‘Funhouse’ system, which is a mix of Montessori, British and the Nigerian curriculum. If we find even a Japanese or Norwegian way we will adapt it too. We look at strengths in systems and work with that, just like we do for our children. Where we find weaknesses in our kids however, we try to provide them with the scaffolding that enables them to develop to their maximum potential.

We look around and are rather pleased at the influx of ‘funhouse like’ schools that have sprung up. We are glad we helped in setting a bench-mark.

What is unique about us, our staff and our model though is something that cannot be easily copied. We are “ideas” people and are constantly seeking ways of making what we offer even better. We recognize and bear the full weight of the burden of trust that has been placed upon us and we don’t take that lightly.

We also understand that the job of owning a school should not be for everyone – our passion stems from a genuine interest in making a difference in the lives of our kids, their families, our staff and the local community.

We take our Funhouse family very seriously indeed.

We would like to thank you for your interest in us. We look forward to your bringing your wards for an experience of a lifetime with us. And more importantly, we see you becoming part of our family.