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My name is Hadiza Kere Abdulrahman, and I would like to think I am a consummate educationist. My first degree was in Education and Economics, I also have a masters in Education. I have got Post graduate qualifications in Childhood and Youth studies and recently in Child and Adolescent Counselling from the University of Cambridge. I am almost completing a PhD in Education from the University of Lincoln, UK. I have worked in the UK educational system for more than ten years and in the Nigerian system before that. I own an educational consultancy called Learning Links that has at its heart sharing knowledge and best practice in Education.

My educational credentials along with the very practical and efficient head of my lawyer and project-manager sister – Mrs Fatima Kere Aliyu – who has a degree in Law from the University of Coventry, a Masters in Law from Dundee University and was called to the Nigerian bar over a decade ago with extensive experience and qualifications in Project Management means we are very capable of delivering on the goals we set for ourselves as well as in the vision you all have for your children.