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We accept children into our Pre-nursery class from the September following their 2nd birthday. We give consideration to children that may not be up to 2 by September but they must turn 2 before the year runs out (December 31st) to be eligible for this special consideration. We are not able to accept children below that age into that particular class after that. Children that do not fall into the Pre-nursery will be accepted into the playgroup. it is advisable to register your child in good time if you wish your child to come as we have limited spaces in the Pre nursery.

The same criteria is used for all other classes in the Early years.

Nearly all other year-groups are currently full and have waiting lists. It is generally the case that the earlier you apply, the stronger will be your child's chance of gaining admission, but entries after Pre Nursery depend entirely on pupil turnover. Preference is given to children who have siblings already in the School; all other applications are considered in order of application.

Families who are interested in registering their child(ren) for Funhouse Preparatory should contact the front office in the first instance, by phone, e-mail or personal visit (See Contact Us), who will be pleased to help.



All children who wish to enter the School will undergo an assessment appropriate to their age. For children entering Early Years (Pre Nursery and Nurseries) this will take the form of a visit to the School for an informal assessment by a teacher and a discussion with the parent(s). For children entering Primary One and above, they will be required to take a written evaluation as well as the informal assessment. This is not an examination as such, and no preparation is necessary, but we regard it as an important requirement to ensure a place is offered, and that we can meet your child's academic needs.



Parents will usually be informed of the results of the entry assessment on the next working day. Although it is preferable for children to commence a new school at the beginning of a term, we realise that this is not always possible, and other arrangements can be made to suit individual circumstances. Where a place is to be offered, an invoice will accompany the offer letter and entry cannot take place until the invoice has been settled in full.

Where a place is not offered, the Head of School is always ready to meet parents in person to explain why it is not possible to admit their child. In certain cases, conditions may be attached to the offer of a place, and these will be set out in the offer letter.

We ask prospective parents to understand that, as a school with a high academic standard which follows both the British and Nigerian curriculum, Funhouse Preparatory School does not accelerate its children into a year-group above the one appropriate for their age, and we are, therefore, most unlikely to sustain an acceleration which has been made by another school. In certain circumstances, a place will be offered in the year group below the one which is the correct one for the child. In these cases, the reason for this decision will always be explained to the applicant's parents.