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We are delighted to have your wards in our school this year and looking forward to share the school year together with him/her. As a school we will endeavour to create an educational partnership with you and your ward that will foster courage, determination and passion for knowledge In addition to this, our commitment as an educational environment will be to provide your ward with a nurturing and challenging educational environment that will ensure his/ her academic success in Funhouse and beyond.


Homework is an important reinforcement tool to help each pupil achieve mastery with standard. Homework will be assigned to your son/daughter everyday Monday through Thursday. It will reinforce concepts already discussed in class and always be a natural extension of their class coursework. Much of the homework assignment will require your ward to study at home. When studying at home, pupils should have a quiet distraction- free environment.

We have an array of new and exciting activities lined up for you and our pupils such as the spelling tests, dramas, mini competitions and so much more. We hope to provide a lot of stimulation for our children through work and play. Most of our themes are completely new and will require a lot of personal research from our older children.

Due to popular demand, we shall be reintroducing the After School Clubs as soon as possible. Please watch out for further information on this as choices will have to made on your preference.

A great emphasis will be placed on reading and mental maths this session and we are looking forward to joining a world class reading scheme very soon.

Our VIP pupils in the creche are also not left out in this as they will be engaged in even more interesting activities aimed at strengthening their motor and mental skills before they are picked up daily.

Please remember to acknowledge the communication books for all our pupils to keep the lines open and receive important information.


Since attendance and appropriate behaviour at school are crucial to the leaning process, It is imperative that your son/daughter attend school every day as a responsible pupil. During the first week, we will work together with the pupils to develop a set of classroom rewards and consequences.

Your son/daughter should be in school at 7:30am prompt. Pick up time for early years is 1:30pm while primary closes by 2:30pm.
If an absence is unavoidable, your ward wi
ll have the opportunity to complete their missed assignments but nothing can recreate the classroom environment filled with pupil- teacher interaction when a student is late or absent.


As the only constant thing in life is change, we regret to inform you that Mrs Shukura and Mr Abdulhamid have moved on to pursue other interests. We wish to express our appreciation for all they have done in the development and growth of Funhouse Preparatory and will always have a special place for them here.

Through our strong partnership, we will ensure that our common goal is to have your ward reach his/her full potential with

standards will be realised, all complaints should be directed to the front desk. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you in advance for both your support and partnership. You can also check out our website at funhouseprepschool.com

Thank you for your continued trust and welcome to the new academic session.

For further information/enquiries/ complaints dont hesitate to contact us through any of the following methods.

FRONT OFFICE: 0816-8471442 funhousepreschoolminna@gmail.com